Friday, February 22, 2008

Making History

Last night was a pretty cool night! As you know, Austin hosted the democratic presidential debate at the University of Texas. Unfortunately, tickets were scarce and only a select few were able to attend. Luckily, the Texas Democratic Party held a debate watching party and invited two special guests. We learned on Tuesday that Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would attend so we quickly bought tickets, which was good because it sold out very quickly.

After waiting in long line that snaked through the entire lobby and bar area of the hotel, we got our tickets, went through security, and were finally able to get into the ballroom. It was interesting to watch the debate with Clinton and Obama supports -- lots of cheers and jeers.

The candidates finally arrived a couple of hours after the debate. They gave brief speeches and shook some hands. It was pretty awesome to be in the same room with them and their supporters. I even got a little emotional when Obama hit the stage.

Yes we can!


Mail Clerk said...

That's awesome. Obamania in your face. Post more pics of the place!

Sonya said...

That's exciting stuff!

Adina said...

Post some more, post some more!