Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pre-Feast Feast

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! We have much to be thankful for, indeed! I will post more tomorrow about our actual feast. For today, I will share our pre-feast feast. For breakfast (well, I'll call it brunch-ish since we ate around 11:30 AM), we had pomegranate bellinis with prosecco and lime and cinnamon bubble buns. OMG -- so good. Even though the buns were kind of a pain, they were so worth it. Behold:

For an appetizer, I threw together some deviled eggs -- one of my favorite things to eat. Oddly enough, I have never made deviled eggs before. For a first time and no recipe, I think that they turned out well.

More to come tomorrow!

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Sonya said...

Mmmm, I want your bubble buns! :-)