Saturday, November 06, 2010

Gypsy Picnic Fail

Matt and I were super excited about todays' Gypsy Picnic where over 30 of Austin's beloved trailer eateries were gathered at Auditorium Shores to sell special bites for $3.  So, we had an extra hard workout this morning, fasted all morning and early afternoon in preparation for our feast.  Unfortunately, it was PACKED and rumors swirled about hour-long waits for a $3 taco and trailers running out of food.  While it was a gorgeous day, we couldn't bear the wait because we were starving! So, we opted out and finally wound up at Taco Deli -- a very satisfactory replacement.  The good news is that every trailer at the feast serves their food every day, so we can go and enjoy it any time we want.  

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