Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Share

It's Sunday so it's time to share another book.  I created this one, entitled "Flash, Flash, Tap, Tap" after a road trip in 2000.  Three friends and I drove non-stop from Athens, Georgia to Livingston, Montana.  It was an amazing experience which ended up changing my life forever.  It turns out that I developed feelings for my future hubby during the trip. :)  Anyways, this is a mixed media accordion book with watercolor, colored pencil and charcoal drawings.  They overlay hand-written excerpts from my travel journal.  I intentionally obscured the text because I didn't want the audience to see everything.  As you will see in my other work, this is a common element.  The cover is made from a map that we used along the way -- before google maps and GPS :

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