Sunday, July 21, 2013

34 for 34 Update

Well, there's not much time left until I turn 35 (September!), but I've made a tiny dent in my list. I really need to kick in to high gear if I'm going to cross more off this list. 

1. Enroll in Yoga Teacher Training
2. Have My Mom Teach Me to Crochet
3. Make Something for Lily to Wear
4. Run/walk a Half Marathon
5. Do My Fourth Triathlon and Beat My Best Time
6. Go Roller Skating 
7. Take Family Trip to a Big City
8. Do a Home Improvement Project
9. Sell a Handmade Book 
10. Wear a Bikini in Public
11. Make Fried Chicken for Matt
12. Visit the Blanton Museum of Art
13. Attend NCBB Advocate Summit in Washington, DC, May 2013
14. Read One New Book a Month 
15. Make a Salted Caramel Something
16. Do Five Real Push-ups a Row
17. Take a Cooking Class at Central Market
18. Jump into Barton Springs without Testing the Water First
19. Take a Dance Class
20. Trace at Least One Branch of My Family Tree to Europe
21. Make Macaroons 
22. Go Kayaking or Paddle Boarding on Lady Bird Lake
23. Make Lily a Book
24. Have an Art Show
25. Join a Masters Swim Program
26. Go on a Facebook Holiday
27. Blog 100 times
28. Go on a Family Camping Trip
29. Master a Flip Turn
30. Make a Financial Investment
31. Get CPR Certified
32. Go to a Austin Book Workers Meeting
33. Cultivate a Home Yoga Practice
34. Start Writing My Story


kata_leen said...

What's the name of your book again?

Sarah said...

My cancer book? Cancer Made Me Vain and Other Surprises. What's the name of yours?

I think that we should go on a writing retreat together. It would be like old times in the law library :)