Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I love a big city!

I don't know what it is about big cities that I love. There's something about all the noise, crowds, and activity that makes it feel alive. I love that! I am also a huge fan of public transportation. Matt and I visited Boston earlier this spring. Besides the great architecture, my favorite thing was riding the T. I was great to get around a huge city without depending on a car.

Two weeks ago, Matt and I spent a two days in Seattle for his birthday. We caught a Mariners game and went to the famed Public Market. The waterfront coupled with all the great architecture was fantastic! We were lucky that the sun was out so that we could enjoy a stroll through historic Pioneer Square.

In other city news....Matt and I also visited Austin a few weeks ago. We both had interviews that resulted in job offers. Matt accepted his offer with the University of Texas. As for me, I declined my offer. It would have been a great job, but they wanted me to start earlier than I would have liked, and it's not in the area of preservation that I want to be in. So, keep your fingers crossed that I will find a job in September. Matt starts his job in early September, so we'll be heading done to the Lone Star State in mid-August.

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