Monday, June 11, 2007

Nine Papa Charlie

Update: Check out Kathleen's pics, too.

I didn't have my usual run-of-the-mill weekend, which typically includes lots of naps, coffee, and crossword puzzles. Instead, Matt, Kathleen, Jeremy, and I went to see my brother, Tim, in Elgin, OR (Northeastern Oregon). Normally, a drive to Elgin from Eugene would take approximately eight hours, but because our friend is a pilot and has access to a truly kick-ass plane, we flew! Now, I am the first to admit that I was quite nervous to fly in a four-seater plane, which is essentially a car with wings. However, it was really cool! The take off and landings were the smoothest ever, and the views were unlike anything you'd see in a huge jet. Check out the Oregon cascades and volcanoes!

Our time in eastern Oregon also included the following: karaoke at a dive bar, touring Tim's fish hatchery, and attending at biker rally in Baker City, Oregon. It was a most memorable weekend!

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excuse me ....could i get another cocktail back here in coach...??

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