Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Montana Mosaic

In the midst of long days spent writing in the Law Library on the UO campus, I was able to take a wonderful mini-vacation to Montana for the Fourth of July holiday. Matt and I had a great time with my parents, my aunt and uncle. Here's a wrap-up of the Montana Mosaic above.

1. Here's a fabulous old sign in downtown Wallace, Idaho. Love it!
2. A pretty little flower (a type of orchid, I think) that was so fragrant at the Vista House in the Columbia Gorge.
3. Matt's dip in the Yellowstone River after a four-mile run.
4. A sunset on the Deschutes River at the Deschutes River State Recreation Area.
5. Bustin' Bronco. Need I say more?
6. Downtown Livingston, Montana -- Great historic building stock!!
7. OMG! A real-life My Little Pony. My eight year old dream come true!
8. Mt. Hood in the morning. What a treat!
9. My mother and her hat.

All the photos from my trip are at my flickr site.

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