Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Today, we finally leave Eugene for Austin. After yesterday's events, it's especially sad leaving behind a great little city, my friends, and my beloved Norman (he will join us in eventually in Austin...in ash form). However, we have a new life waiting for us in Austin and I am ready for a new beginning.

The above mosaic is a round-up of all my favorite Eugene things.

1. A cheeseburger from Deb's. This place has the BEST cheeseburgers and fries, and it was just two blocks from our townhouse.

2. A view from the top of Spencer's Butte. This is a great little hiking spot with awesome views of the Willamette Valley.

3. A view from a recent sailing trip. We've been able to do a ton of fun things here in Eugene. Sailing, flying, hiking, etc.

4. An intensely-colored dahlia. For some reason beyond my comprehension, the flowers in Oregon so beautiful and the colors are so bright.

5. Sweet Life Patisserie. Gelato, canoli, cookies, cake. Need I say more?

6. I'm going to miss all the great people that I've met here. Here's Kathleen, one of my best Eugene friends.

7. A view from a hike. Oregon has some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen.

8. The University of Oregon. It's really been a great experience going to school at the University of Oregon.

9. The Eugene Emeralds. We've gone to a lot of Eugene Emeralds games this summer. The Ems are a single-A baseball team and pretty awesome.

So, off we go. Next stop, somewhere in California, where I hope to update you on our travels.

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kathleen said...

is the pretty bird press lying dormant for winter?