Friday, February 01, 2008

Has it been six months already?

Many of you have been wondering what the heck is going on with the PBP. I cannot believe that six months have passed since we made our way to Texas. Matt and I have been extremely busy since we arrived here. We've both started brand new jobs that we love! Matt is working at UT Libraries and doing some really cool things. I've been working with Texas Parks as an interpretive exhibit planner -- so far, so good. When we arrived in Texas, we lived in Smithville for about three months where we had a free place to stay. Our commute was about three hours round-trip and took a lot out of us. But, finally, we found a house that was nearly perfect for our price range and moved to Austin in late November. Since then, we've been installing floors, painting, decorating, and putting together A LOT of furniture from IKEA. Now, we're settled and, hopefully, I will have a lot more free time for blogging and such. Below is a mosaic of some of our goings on since we left Oregon.

1 & 2. Pics from the long, three-day drive from Oregon.
3. Iris, our new kitty. We adopted her from my aunt.
4. A pretty cool moth in Smithville.
5. Entrance to Austin City Limits music fest where we saw the Little Ones, Regina Spektor, and Wilco.
6. Frances loves the country!
7 & 8. Pretty views from the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.
9. Matt painting our living room.

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Yay, the PBP is back!