Thursday, July 31, 2008

Project Wednesday & Other Updates

Is it Thursday already? My, how the week has flown by! 8:00 PM crept up on me last night and as Project Runway began, I dug through my craft room trying figure out my project. I pulled out a ton of stuff, but I just wasn't inspired -- until I remembered my Stitch-it Kit by Jenny Hart -- fellow Austinite and embroidery extraordinarie. My favorite pattern in the book is this sweet bird. It was so nice to stitch while watching PR, and I'm so pleased with how it came out! But, I still cannot master that French knot! Argh! I hope to come up with my own embroidery designs to incorporate into my handmade books soon.

I had a bit of excitement this week as well. As I was settling into my workday Tuesday morning, which includes drinking my coffee and going through my RSS feeds, I noticed prettybirdpress in one of titles. Wha? After a lot of blinking and sipping of coffee, I realized that it was indeed my blog that was mentioned on Apartment Therapy, one of my favorite decorating blogs. They showed off my canvas headboard that I blogged about in February. It was kind of neat! Check out the post here.

I also learned this week that I am not as bad of a seamstress as I thought. Heather Bailey posted a new and improved pattern of her square pin cushion -- my first Project Wednesday project. I mentioned how it came out really small. Apparently, it wasn't my fault. The BHG pattern was wrong. Heather's new pattern is SO much better! The instructions are much more detailed, the pattern is the correct size and it's just plain pretty (as all of her stuff is). Check it out.


Randi said...

Congrats on being featured on Apartment Therapy! I am off to check out the post!

Anonymous said...

You have been discovered! That's so cool. But not surprising! E.D.

kathleen said...

WOW! you're famous, again!