Friday, October 03, 2008

Crafty Friends!

I'm lucky to have some pretty crafty friends, which always comes in handy when you need a personal and special gift. Two friends of mine, Adina and Wendy, have recently started online ventures to promote their crafty goodness.

Adina recently started painting these cute little paintings after inspiration struck her at a local craft fair. I think that they are precious and would look great in a baby's room. She even personalizes them. Please check out Adina's shop on Etsy.

My friend and co-worker makes beautiful, hand-sewn baby quilts. She does lovely work and has started a blog to document her quilting adventures. She will also create custom quilts if you're in the market. I commissioned this quilt for my dear friend Evi and her baby girl Adrianna.

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Precious Quilts said...

Beautiful quilt and adore the lion!