Monday, October 06, 2008

I had the afternoon off Friday and decided to stop by Austin Flower Company to pick up some flowers and to check the place out. I wanted to get some fresh flowers to spruce up our house for the Apartment Therapy Fall Colors Contest. (I'll write more about the contest later and show you some of the photographs that I took this weekend.) The flower shop had some pretty amazing flowers like huge hydrangeas, super saturated dahlias and the biggest potted orchids that I've ever seen. I wish that I had some pictures of the place to share.

I picked up some yellow dahlias and a white rose-like flower that I don't know the name of (if you know, please tell me). The bunch cost me about $20 and I got four small arrangements from them.

Here's a sampling of the arrangements that I did. I hope that I can go back to Austin Flower Company on a fairly regular basis. Fresh flowers brighten up our space and bring me much joy!

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