Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Matt got me a great sewing machine for Christmas which remained boxed up for a number of months...until recently. As many of you know, I am a yoga devotee. A big part of yoga practice is savasana or the final relaxation that comes at the end of practice. Eye pillows are extremely helpful in facilitating relaxation and cultivating a sense of peace during this time. After using the community eye pillows in my yoga class (with a protective layer, of course), I decided that I needed my own. Lucky for me, Amy Butler, a fabric designer and crafter extraordinaire posted a free eye pillow and carrying case pattern her website.

Here's my version of Amy Butler's lavender eye pillow and carrying case. The blue fabric is a fine fleece-like material that feels very nice on the eyes. I coordinated the carrying case to the eye pillow by using matching teal thread which you can barely make out in the photo.

Unfortunately, my novice sewing skills were quite apparent when the carrying case came out too small for the eye pillow. At least I have a super cute pencil case now. My next project from Amy Butler is her Nigella Yoga Bag using her the Burgandy/Gothic Rose print from her Belle Fabric Collection!

And, just in case you were interested in how the eye pillow works, Matt is demonstrating here. Doesn't he look relaxed?


Anonymous said...

You are really very crafty. Matt's got some talent too. He could totally be in a pain reliever print ad. E.D.

Charis said...

Keep up the good work.